A Project from Recycled Wood

No matter what you’re working on, it’s good to have some little project that is easy and makes you feel good when you’re finished.  Gardening is usually my happy place- pull a few weeds and things look better and I feel better.  Today I needed a coat rack and had some mint taking root in a jar that needed a place to live.  The garage is full of scraps so it seemed like building a little rack to hold flower pots, coats and purses would be a good way to solve a lot of problems.  I liked it a lot when it was finished but didn’t take a single picture of its construction.  So I built another one that I thought I could use in the kitchen. Here is a photo essay of how to build a rack from recycled material.


I started out with a scrap piece of molding from my laundry room remodel.  The white wood will be the back of the rack.  It was originally part of a door frame but was pulled off when the new door was installed.  The three quarter circles were cut from leftover shelving.



The three quarter circle dividers were glued and then screwed into place.




When all the dividers were attached the molding was cut to nail to the front.


Well, darn it, I didn’t have any of the right sized nails!

 I ended up using some old paneling nails that were too long.  I drove them into the molding as far as I needed and then cut the extra length off using a pair of nail pullers.



With the front molding attached it was time to find scraps for the bottom of the shelf.





Two leftover pieces of fence picket fit the bottom perfectly!




I tried to rush my project and painted the shelf before filling gaps and nail holes with wood filler.  What’s the point of taking short cuts if you don’t like the results!  I had to go back and fill the gaps anyway!



After the base coat 13-img_4458of brown was added I dabbed on a metallic gold craft paint and spread it with a dry brush to add gold accents to the finished shelf.




I planned on using the finished shelf above my kitchen sink but it was a little too big.  The kitchen remodel hasn’t even been started yet so I’m sure I will find a place to use it!



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