My Old House

Home Improvement for the Mechanically Disinclined

Who is writing this blog?

1-lee-on-riverwalkThis is me!  I am a 57 year old retired teacher.  I retired early to explore new interests.  I never expected my overpowering interest to be completely remodeling my new (old) house!  I have found out that between home improvement references, the advice of good friends, determination and hard work, I can get most of the changes I want finished by myself.  If I can do it, so can you!

An important note!  I am not and never have been a contractor.  I have benefitted from growing up in the shadow of my grandfather- a master carpenter.  My parents both believed that if you want something, work for it.  My dad passed on what he learned from my grandfather.  My mother showed me that being female is not a limitation to what you can accomplish.  She and my grandmother worked harder on building the house where I spent my teenage years than any hired handyman.  Dad and my uncles used to groan when Grandma showed up because they knew she wouldn’t let them stop until things were done right.  My grandfather once sent an entire load of lumber back because it was of poor quality.  They are my qualifications- two generations of skilled, hard working Americans that I am proud to call my family and my mentors.